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An Introduction

Viralic Protocol (Viral Algorithmic Protocol) is a brand new decentralized Protocol based on Smart Contracts for Binance Smart Chain.

The protocol defines two types of digital assets that are mined directly by the community, with no ICO or Pre-Sell.

VIC (Viralic Coin) Token

Coins mined with “Proof of Virality” algorithm, i.e. by personal referral code spreading. This algorithm airdrops VIC tokens to community contributors every times other users create their personal referral code using a code from a referrer and the referral chain is validated by the Anti-fraud Oracle contract. Every VIC represents a single ticket giving chance to participate in VIP Lottery Mining.

VIP (Viralic Protocol) Token

Coins mined with an algorithm simulating “Proof of Work”. VIC tokens can be spent to participate in daily Lottery Mining Sessions (Epochs). The more tickets spent the more chance to win VIP prizes. After 24h from the last mining session all the tickets spent by the users are eligible to win the mining lottery that is started by community competition. The keeper of the mining transaction wins the lowest of the prizes in the plan (currently 200 VIP). The random numbers that finalize prizes assignment are generated invoking a second transaction on the Randomizer Oracle contract (open to all VIC owners) rewarding the caller with BNB prizes. Every session currently assign a total of 11000 VIP in ten incremental prizes. Every year the total amount of prizes is reduced of 60%, thus giving a logarithmic shape to the total VIP supply projected curve, with a soft-cap of about 10M VIPs to be reached in more than 8 years.

VIP Staking

VIP tokens can be staked with exponential time-based VIC rewards. The algorithm is designed to promote long term staking on monthly basis.

Decentralized protocol for digital assets on BSC with viral adoption incentives